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Don Grusin Studio

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The Don Grusin Studio is located in the High Rockies just outside Poncha Springs, CO along the banks of Poncha Creek at an elevation of 8440 feet. Construction commenced in December of 2018 and was completed in the fall of 2019 under the leadership of architect David Beal and master builder and general contractor Clark Johnson.


The studio consists of three recording rooms that were designed by chief engineer, general manager and vice president of Capitol Records Art Kelm.  All rooms are connected via the Dante Ethernet protocol and studio recording equipment setup and design was handled by Boulder-based recording equipment and software experts Mickey Houlihan and Joe Shephard.

The first project to come out of the studio in June 2020 was Don Grusin's acclaimed album Out of Thin Air. Engineered by Gus Skinas of the Super Audio Center in Boulder, CO and Robert Friederich of Five/Four Productions, the album was the first release of high-end audio equipment manufacturer PS Audio's Octave Records label. 

The studio is primarily a Logic Pro-based recording facility but Pro Tools is also available. The centerpiece of the studio is Don's Yamaha C7FII grand piano which is meticulously maintained by world renown master piano technician and tuner Kevin Stock. To request a complete equipment list or to schedule a tour of the studio please reach out to Don via the Contact page. 

To find out more about the 3-bedroom fully equipped guesthouse that is located on the property and is available for multi-day projects requiring overnight stays please visit the Octagon Guesthouse page.

Studio Image Gallery

Stacks of Nexcem blocks to be used for studio walls

Ground floor and Nexcem-block walls going up

Progress as of New Year's Eve 2018

Top floor getting installed

Ceiling going up for Studio A

Roof and sides w/carpenter John Cliff

L to R: carpenter John Cliff, Don Grusin, electrician Eric Guthrie and studio designer at Capitol Records Art Kelm

L to R: recording equipment designer Mickey Houlihan, carpenter John Cliff, general contractor Clark Johnson, Don Grusin, studio designer Art Kelm and Dushka under the table

View of Studio A windows, radiant heat lines, ethernet cables in wall and color swatches

Floor, windows, lighting and piano installed

Glass being installed between Studio A and the Studio B Control Room

Trenton installing clean-power box

L to R: Don Grusin, general contractor Clark Johnson and John Cliff while installing old Levis jeans derived insulation

Don's wife Maria celebrating completion of studio build on October 26, 2019

Gear and furniture installed

View of workstation area and east windows w/plants

Inspirational views out of south window; ready to record

L to R: Engineers Robert Friedrich and Gus Skinas ready to record Don Grusin's  album Out Of Thin Air; the studio's first project

Engineers Robert Friedrich and Gus Skinas using Studio B as a DSD (Direct Stream Digital) Control Room for Don Grusin's Out of Thin Air album

Master piano tuner and technician Kevin Stock working on the piano before the first recording session for Out of Thin Air

Don Grusin at the piano for the first take for the Out Of Thin Air sessions

Don with Out of Thin Air album cover artwork by Joel Nakamura

Ricardo Parra designed drum kit in Studio B

Looking at Studio B on the right and the office computer area on the left from the middle of Studio A

Main DAW and monitors setup in the corner of Studio A


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