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Moose Sound

Let the Moose tell the story

Moose Sound is a state of the art recording and project studio, where solo artists and bands can materialize their dreams by coming to create and record, uniquely isolated in the high Rockies of Colorado. It is a brand new three live-room facility, built and directed by three-time Grammy winning musician and producer Don Grusin, and designed by Art Kelm, VP of Infrastructure & Technology for Universal Music Group.

Studio: Bio

Audio Excellence

The studio configuration includes the latest Dante ethernet network, Logic Pro X, with Focusrite-Rednet. Pro-tools can also be accommodated. High-resolution analog recording is available on Gus Skinas’s Sonoma DSD gear. Surrounded by wildlife, native land, and big peaks, artists can enjoy playing together and breathe in compositional inspiration from the gorgeous landscape and outdoor recreational amenities. Moose Sound is located on the Continental Divide Trail, @8440’ on Poncha Creek, near Salida, Colorado.

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Don Grusin is available for a multitude of music and production services aimed at helping you achieve your project goals. Check out some of the ways that Don can help you today and reach out if you want help with something that isn't listed here.

Session Musician

An added bonus is to have Don personally record dimensions to the projects of others, if desired, in the high ceilings of acoustically superb Studio A. This room features Grusin’s beautiful recording piano Yamaha C7FII which he and others have played on for 28 years of recordings for GRP, VideoArts Music Japan, Films, Documentaries, JVC-Victor Records, Universal, Paramount, MGM, etc.
In addition he has a classic suitcase Fender Rhodes, (hot-rodded by Eddie Reynolds), and 4 synthesizers: Korg Triton Studio, Technics WSA, Yamaha Motif and Montage.



Needing a trained ear or the wisdom of a master Jazz musician on your next project or release? You can now benefit from Don's extensive expertise in the recording industry as well as his compositional prowess.


Public Speaking

Does Don have a lot to say? You betcha'! Easily turn any event or trade show into an experience your audience won't soon forget. Don is available to speak at schools, seminars, trade shows, industry panels, and more. Reach out today to learn more about booking a speaking engagement with Don Grusin.

Studio: Services
DG _ Piano, Tec Studio, Vienna
Don Grusin at the keys
Filippo and DG in Control room, Tic Stud
Spinning Record
Drummer Christian Ziegelwanger, Tic Stud
Building Moose Sound Recording Studio
Filippo and Don, duet _ Tic Studio, Vien
DG at Piano Tic Studio, Vienna
DG-Patrick Tic Studio, Vienna
DG lauughing with Tic Studio owner Cleme
DG-FG Central Cafe, Vienna
Keys setup for DG
Studio: Gallery
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